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EUROSAFE Foam Branch pipes are air-aspirated nozzles used to apply foam solution. They have been designed to provide exceptional throws while also producing stable, cohesive foam. The unique design of these branch pipes results in the needed foam expansion, optimum mixing in the tube, and increased velocity to the emerging foam stream, providing an exceptional range.

A gun barrel, a hand wheel, a gun body, a ball valve, a suction pipe, and a pipe tooth interface make up the foam gun. It employs an aperture plate to allow the vacuum pressure differential created by the water flow rate to suction the foam liquid and mix it with air to extinguish the fire. It is suited for extinguishing Class A, B, and C liquid flames or spraying water to extinguish general solid fires because of its high performance, low weight, flexibility, and convenience of use.



MaterialNozzleStainless Steel
ValveAluminum Alloy
Body Aluminum Alloy
Flow Rate240LPM480LPM960LPM
Working Pressure0.7MPa
Jetting Range≥24m≥28m≥32m
Foam Expansion≥ 5 times
Connecting Inlet1.5''(DN40), 2''(DN50), 2.5''(DN65)

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