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Heat, combustibles, and an oxidizing agent, generally oxygen, are required for a fire to ignite. The idea behind the fire triangle.

A natural fire will occur when these ingredients are present and in the proper combination. By eliminating any of these ingredients, a fire can be averted or extinguished. Once a fire begins, the exothermic chain reaction supports it and permits it to continue until or unless at least one of the fire’s ingredients is blocked.

Traditional firefighting tactics either deny the burning fire the oxygen it requires, drop the temperature of the fuel below the ignition point, or create a barrier of inert gases, therefore addressing the chemical process responsible for the fire.

Oxygen Reduction System Atmosphere 1 scaled

Operating principle


This step entails the creation of an oxygen-depleted atmosphere. All of Eurosafe’s solutions for creating this atmosphere are pure green systems: they utilize just air from the surrounding environment, with no chemical chemicals or additions added.


The atmosphere created is released into the area to be protected using a distribution network.


A number of oxygen sensors analyze all of the protected area and communicate the findings to the control panel using a specific method known as a “virtual grid,” ensuring that the atmosphere is continually studied and monitored.


When an oxygen value other than the appropriate level is detected, the control panel activates the oxygen-reduced atmosphere generators for the time necessary to restore the defined values.

The system is able to optimize energy consumption and operating costs thanks to the virtual grid and the rotation system, which is made possible by the modularity of the generators: in fact, the equipment alternates cyclically, limiting the hours of operation and reducing wear and maintenance.



Oxygen Reduction System TYPE SYSTEM 1 scaled

Fire safety advantages with EUROSAFE® systems


Data center fire protection

Museums Protection

Archives Fire Protection

Substation Fire Prevention

Warehouse Fire Protection

Tunnel Fire Prevention

Aerospace Fire Prevention

Tall Buildings’ Fire Protection

Mining Fire Prevention

Nuclear Facilities Fire Prevention

Health and Safety

EUROSAFE OXYGEN REDUCTION SYSTEM® provides complete environmental protection for your premises. When we talk about the air we breathe, we frequently and incorrectly refer to oxygen. In actuality, the air we breathe contains 78.08 percent nitrogen and just 20.95 percent oxygen (0.93 percent Argon and 0.04 percent CO2). This nitrogen-to-oxygen ratio is the same all around the earth, whether high in the mountains or low at sea. The oxygen provided by nature is the fuel that every fire need to burn. EUROSAFE Oxygen Reduction System® denies the fire adequate “food” by adjusting the atmosphere and changing the ratios between these two elements. The altered ratio has the same impact on humans as staying at high altitudes or flying because the reduced air pressure pulls the molecules apart and the amount of oxygen breathed with each breath is smaller than in lower atmospheres.